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welcome back, welcome back

well, it has been a VERY long time since there has been any action at this community. and i feel terrible about it, but i'm resurrecting it!

this is likepinkvenom...a.k.a. paigegail. due to rl, i disappeared from LJ for a long while, but i'm back now. and it's taken me a while to get back, but i am.

the same rules apply. and we're gonna start with a fresh new icontests. again, i am deeply sorry for letting this community disappear and i hope you can all forgive me!

so, seeing as icbuffy is just being resurrected, i thought it was fitting to have the first challenge back to be from Bargaining (Pt. I and II).

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Alright guys, as you can see, I haven't chosen my successor yet of this fine community, but it's because I'm having a hard time letting go of my baby. I'm still going through everybody that applied, and just trying to find the right suitor.

I also might have some last chance plans for myself at this community, but at the moment, I am undecided.

I should have a decision made with what to do with icbuffy by the end of the weekend. Thank you for your support and your patience. It means the world to me :)
my chem // my obsession

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Alright, I've been a terrible mod and I feel horrible about it. It's because I didn't anticipate how much work I'd have school wise this year, and I have a few other communities that are WAY time consuming. And I hate to do this, because icbuffy is my baby.

BUT. I am looking for a replacement mod. If you are interested in taking over this community, please comment to this post with the following:

Other communities you run:
Your duties at those communities:
Why you would like to be Mod here at icbuffy:
Why you would be the best candidate for the position:

This community is my baby, and I hate how it's gotten out of my hands-- I would really like to find a replacement, otherwise I might have to delete it. :( Thanks and my apologies for my lack of organization.

Buffy soundtrack (S6)-As Heaven is Wide

"If flesh could crawl, My skin would fall From off my bones And run away from here"
"Wake me up inside.... Call my name and save me from the dark"
"And there's too Much going on But it's calm under The waves In the blue of my oblivion"
4.Tori Amos - Crucify
"I've been looking for a savior in these dirty streets, looking for a savior beneath these dirty sheets"
5.Reamonn - Supergirl
"And then she'd say, it's Ok, I got lost on the way but I'm a supergirl, and supergirls don't cry"
"I play dead,It stops the hurting.I play dead, And the hurting stops"
7.Vertical Horizon - Everything you want
"He says all the right things At exactly the right time But he means nothing to you And you dont know why"
8.Natalie Imbruglia - Smoke
"Why, bleeding is breathing ...You're hiding underneath the smoke in the room"
9.Massive Attack - Protection
"This girl I know needs some shelter  She don't believe anyone can help her..."

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perfect fit [ bunnie_icons ]

(no subject)

1. Woman Like a Man- Damien Rice
you wanna get fucked inside out/you wanna be ruled/you wanna be fooled/you wanna be a woman like a man

2. A Mistake- Fiona Apple
and when the day is done, and I look back/and the fact is I had fun, fumbling around/all the advice I shunned, and I ran/where they told me not to run

3. Bad Boyfriend- Garbage
we may not last but we'll have fun till it ends/c'mon baby be my bad boyfriend/I wanna hear you call out my name/I wanna see you burn up in flames

4. They Can't Save Us Now- Kill Hannah
so this is how it feels to be insane/the world looks like a movie always playing/but how can hearts so young feel so much pain?

5. True Faith- New Order
something's got a hold on me/I get this feeling I'm in motion/a sudden sense of liberty/the chances are we've gone too far

6. One More Addiction- Natalie Imbruglia
somehow I lost myself/in a tunnel long and black/somewhere, at the end, I pretend/there’s a way of turning back

7. Pocket Knife- PJ Harvey
my pocket knife's gotta shiny blade/I'm not trying to cause a fuss/I just wanna make my own fuck-ups

8. Window- Fiona Apple
so I had to break the window/it just had to be/better that I break the window/than him or her or me

9. End Of The World News (Dose Me Up)- Tom McRae
and now you're searching, for a sign with your name/to define you the king of the game/what will you do when there's nothing left?

10. Raining All the Time- Kill Hannah
she crashed like an atom bomb/and said, "we can't live forever/one day I'll see you around/I dreamt that we disappeared/so I just gotta do it/so no one can touch me now"

11. Bloodless- Tom McRae
so what am I feeling you know me so well/so what am I feeling and how can you tell/I've got a feeling you don't know

12. Bleed Like Me- Garbage
dancing with the devil's past has never been too fun/it's better off than trying to take a bullet from a gun/and she cries/hey baby can you bleed like me?

13. Criminal- Fiona Apple
save me from these evil deeds before I get them done/I know tomorrow brings the consequence at hand/but I keep livin’ this day like the next will never come

14. Intuition- Natalie Imbruglia
all I ever hear day and night is "you better hurry up and get a life"/I need some direction 'cause the clock is tickin' away

15. Mystery Girl- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
she said she came from cell block three/the girl hit hot like a barracuda baby/she floated on air like a crest of wave/she was a primal instituation she was a danger to herself
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